Prime prepainted coils

Detailed Product Description


Prime Prepainted Coils(PPGI)


Color-coated steel plate is a rising new type strip steel pre-coating products in these three decades. It is made exquisitely by the technique of chemical pre-treatment, rendering, and fine coating in the high-speed continuous machine. The painting is more even, stable, and satisfied compared with spray or brush painting in the surface of forming metal.Color-coated steel plate is featured by favorable ornamental, forming property, and corrosion resistance, strong coating adhesion, and long preservation period. Due to its efficiency, energy saving, and environment protection, it becomes the ideal material to manufacture building boards at present.

It is widely used in architecture (corrugated sheet and light steel structure of houses; transporting industry (automobile roof, vehicle & ship separator, container); household light products (shell of refrigerator, cooler, washing machine, air conditioner, etc), as well as metal sheet processing products and furniture.

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