Color coils

A pre-coated metal has the highest value among all cold-rolled steel products. Produced by printing or baking paints onto the surface of cold-rolled steel or GI or alu-zinc sheets, pre-coated metal features a wide range of colors and patterns which are commonly used to make the exterior of buildings and consumer electronics products look more polished and sophisticated. Depending on the specific utility of each product, a vast variety of features are available including pollution resistance and anti-bacterial quality.

Product Advantages

Color Coated Steel Sheets Feature Excellent Decorativeness, Bendability, Corrosion Resistance, Coating Adhesion And Color Fastness. They Are Ideal Substitutes For Wood Panels In The Construction Industry Because Of Their Good Economic Features Such As Convenient Installation, Conservation Of Energy And Resistance To Contamination. 

The Rapid Development Of Color Coated Steel Sheets Is Mainly Attributed To Their Good Economic, Social And Environmental Properties. They Are Being Used In More And More Areas. Color Coated Steel Sheets Are A New-Type Pre-Coated Steel Product Developed Rapidly In The Past Thirty Years. Color Coated Steel Sheets Are Made On High-Speed Continuous Coating Lines Through A Number Of Processes Such As Chemical Pretreatment, Primary Coating And Finish Coating, Thus They Have Better Coating Quality Than Single Piece Coating.


Product Application

1. Buildings And Constructions

Outside: Workshop, Agricultural, Warehouse, Residential Precast Unit, Corrugated Roof, Wall, Rainwater, Drainage Pipe, Retailler Booth, Roller Shutter Door

2. Electrial Appliance

Refrigerator, Washer, Switch Cabinet, Instrument Cabinate, Air Conditioning, Micro-Wave Oven, Bread Maker

3. Furniture

Central Heating Slice, Lampshade, Chiffarobe, Desk, Bed, Lacker, Bookshelf

4. Carrying Trade

Exterior Decoration Of Auto And Train, Clapboard, Container, Lsolation Board

5. Others

Writing Panel, Garbage Can, Billboard, Timekeeper, Typewriter, Instrument Panel, Weight Sensor, Photographic Equipment 


Common RAL Color Options

You can choose the customized color you want and produce according to the RAL color.

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