PVC Decorative Galvanzied Steel

PVC/PET film laminated steel sheet is a kind of new style color coated metal sheet, firmly laminated with PVC film and other polymer film. It not only has metal's good strength and processing properties , but also has film's excellent decoration property, corrosion-resistance property, weather resistance property, easy-to-clean property and so on. So it becomes one of the most sought-after household appliances, interior construction materials.

Main technical parameters

Base metal

Could choose cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum alloy sheet and other metal sheets.

Base metal thickness

0.27mm ~1.0mm

Color film


Thickness of Color film

 0.04mm ~0.19mm

Back paint

Could choose polyester paint, epoxy paint, conductive paint, transparent paint, etc.

Protective film

Could choose self adhesive protective film or non-glue protective film.

Supplying status

Plate packing: width≤1360 mm, length≤5000mm;

Coil packing: width≤1360 mm, N.W≤5 T, ID: 510 mm.

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